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PERSONAL:         Born in Baltimore, Maryland 23 June 1942


EDUCATION:       Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, B.A. 1966   |   University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, M.A. 1968

STATEMENT:       Richard Davis is a contemporary sculptor and painter that uniquely  blends three-dimensional forms with multi-layered surfaces. First he forms stainless steel or bronze into intricate and complex shapes adding additional layers that then often are peeled back to reveal yet more layers. Often wedges or small realistic figures are added which appear to support much larger abstract forms. This creates an intriguing sense of precarious balance and wonder. Finally he manipulates the surfaces, leaving parts unchanged and painting other parts with rich colorful patterns. The many layers of color that he adds and then lifts off create areas that seem to open up for the viewer. Transparent layers of color on top of opaque colors create enticing illusions. The effect is like looking through an iridescent veil to the shimmering stainless steel or bronze beyond. The shape, colors, and patterns of his sculpture are abstract, yet strongly influenced by nature and evoke the mirage of cloud formations, water surfaces, tropical fish and exotic bird wings.

Every year Davis creates an exclusive small body of major sculptures. Each sculpture is a masterfully executed one-of-a-kind piece of art.  From inception to finish each piece of  sculpture takes several months to perfect. Throughout this lengthy process  Richard Davis works alongside his assistants through every step of the process in a hands-on manner. His sculptures are sought after by private as well as corporate collectors. He also accepts commissions on a limited basis.

In his pastime Davis enjoys being surrounded by nature and enjoys hiking, fly fishing and simply being in the natural world in the American West. But this love for nature has also taken him on far away travels around the world to wild and exotic places in Africa, South America, western Mongolia, and across the Himalayas. During his travels he immerses himself into the simple pleasures of painting what he sees and experiences.  After his return to his studio these “recordings” find their way into larger pieces of art, some two dimensional, but mostly three dimensional sculptures.  Thus, even though much of Davisʼs work seems abstract,  it mirrors what he sees and becomes a personal account of his experiences while in nature.


Richard Davis lives with his wife on a lake in the North Texas Hill Country, not too far away from Denton, where he is a full Professor of Art at the University of North Texas, teaching Sculpture.


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